Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Frankie's Freelance Editing Service

“Writing and rewriting are a constant search for what it is one is saying.” — John Updike

My background includes creating and editing Computer Technical Manuals for over 20 years. Since 2009, I have been a Beta, Proof Reader and Copy Editor for numerous authors. In addition,  I have edited over 3000Independent books and the authors have reported being extremely pleased with my work.

I edit at reasonable prices as a way of giving support to Independent Authors who have given me so much entertainment.  When I saw the obscene prices editing firms were charging, I was appalled. I don't think you should have to pay those exorbitant prices to get your work finished.  I believe that the author is the one with the talent.  Therefore, your voice will be maintained at all times. Any suggestions for changes to the actual story will be made via comment in the margin. I offer assistance to you in getting your book to a stage where you will not subjected to bad reviews based on editing. 

My services are available for any genre.

Complete Copy Editing Services includes the following:

Correct typographical errors and inconsistencies
Correct errors in sentence structure and word usage
Highlight content that might require permission from a third party, including but not limited to song lyrics, photos, illustrations, poems, newspaper articles, and text.
Correct errors in commonly known facts

Microsoft Word Track Changes is used to show the suggested revisions. You will have complete control as to what changes you accept or reject. Some manuscripts will require two passes to be sure that all issues have been resolved.

2019 Fees for Complete Editing Services are as follows:

0-39,999 Words





Payment can be made through PayPal in the account
(Books over 150,000 words will be more depending on complexity of the editing needed) 

Please submit only completed manuscripts in txt, doc, docx or rtf format.

I also offer Basic Proofing Service, which includes the following:

Typographical errors
Misused Words

Fees for Proofing Service are as follows:

Up to 17,000 words $50
50,000 $150
75,000 $225
Rush Delivery Starting at $75, contact me for rates and availability

Assistance with your description, synopsis or blurb is not included, but can be negotiated.

Unfortunately, I will be unable to review any book that I have charged a fee, due to conflict of interest.

If you have a need of an experienced editor, please contact me at